Wednesday Wargaming

This event is currently on hiatus. Check back soon for our replacement event!

Every fortnight, those of us wargamers that are available meet on Wednesday afternoons (when students traditionally get the afternoon free) at Firestorm Games on Penarth Road to fight some miniature battles. The gaming usually lasts from 2pm until 7pm, leaving our wargamers in a perfect position to grab some food and socialise with the rest of us at our Wednesday evening Pub Social.

Firestorm has some lovely gaming tables all terrained up for us to use. It normally costs 3.60 to play for the afternoon, but members of BRAWL get to play for free as one of the many benefits of joining BRAWL.

We mostly play Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Mordheim and Infinity here, but if you play anything more exotic and want to see if you’ll have an opponent on the day, please ask on our forums.

If you want to let us know you’ll be attending before you head down, or if you have any queries, just contact us.