BRAWL Election Results 2015

Following the AGM a couple of weeks ago, please welcome the incoming BRAWL Executive Committee for 2015/2016. Congratulations to our new President, Secretary, Treasurer and Wargames Officer and huge thanks to everyone who turned up to the AGM. These new folk will now begin to work alongside the 2014/2015 Exec in preparation to takeover the reins shortly.

President:   Davie Whyte
Secretary:   Ellen King
Treasurer:   Daniel Mongan
Events Officer:   Lianne Wilson
Webmonkey:   David Nutbourne
Librarian:   Kieran Harwood
Wargames Officer:   Robin Hutchings

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank outgoing President Jade Knight for all her hard work, time and dedication this year, outgoing Treasurer Chris Evans and Secretary Ben Jones for the last two years and outgoing Wargames Officer Nye Harrow for his time as our emergency replacement.

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