BRAWL at the Cardiff Anime Convention 2015

BRAWL will be running the Roleplaying and Board Games Area of the Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con this weekend! We’ll be introducing new people to games as well as gaming fans to games they might not have tried before.

Plus, two of our team will be running talks on Sunday afternoon, so head over and have a listen!
Until then, here’s more about the games we’ll have available.

Post-apocalyptic superhero game Marvel: After Galactus
Rock-paper-scissors anime adventure Ultra JankenSquad Forever
Comedy dystopian sci-fi fest Paranoia (Saturday only)
Viking-era horror Call of Cthulhu (Sunday only).
Co-operative world-builder Microscope
Morality-based troubleshooter Dogs in the Vineyard
Text-adventure emulator Parsely
Kaiju-themed romp Destroy All Buildings!
Mythological god-sim Pantheon
Limited vocabulary caveman game PreHysteria
Nick Cage simulator Not the Bees!
Beer and pretzels superpowers game Doctor Magnethands

Plus, bucketloads of board games! They’ll all be fun, quick and easy to play and we’ll be on hand to teach you the rules and suggest games you’ll like. A full list would take forever, but here’s a selection of what’s available:

Bang!, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Carcassonne, Cards Against Humanity, Channel A, Concept, Coup, Dixit, Dungeon Roll, Flame War, Fluxx, Forbidden Island, Hanabi, Love Letter, Munchkin, Pandemic, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Shadow Hunters, Snake Oil, Takenoko, The Resistance, etc.

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