BRAWL at the Cardiff Anime Convention 2015

BRAWL will be running the Roleplaying and Board Games Area of the Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con this weekend! We’ll be introducing new people to games as well as gaming fans to games they might not have tried before. Plus, two of

BRAWL Election Results 2015

Following the AGM a couple of weeks ago, please welcome the incoming BRAWL Executive Committee for 2015/2016. Congratulations to our new President, Secretary, Treasurer and Wargames Officer and huge thanks to everyone who turned up to the AGM. These new folk

Cardiff University Societies Fair 2014

BRAWL had a great day at the Cardiff University Societies Fair today, with lots of shiny new members caught in our delicious web of geekery. If you’re a student and you missed out today, fear not! Luckily BRAWL is attending

BRAWL at Free RPG Day!

BRAWL (formerly RAWSoc) will be helping to GM some adventures and introduce new people to roleplaying games as well as RPG fans to games they might not have tried before at Rules of Play‘s Free RPG Day! The event, which

Cardiff RAWSoc to become Cardiff BRAWL

Exciting news: RAWSoc is getting a makeover! Those of you who came to AGM last year may remember we voted on a name change for the society. Well, the paperwork’s gone through and it’ll happen! So, over the summer before

RAWSoc Election Results

Please welcome your incoming Executive Committee for 2014/2015. Congratulations to all and huge thanks to everyone who turned up to the AGM last night. We’ll be reporting on some of the decisions the society made shortly. We’d like to take

No Dragon’s Hoard on the First of April

Please note that due to preparations for the imminent Student Nationals and AGM, there will be no Dragon’s Hoard on the first Tuesday of April. You probably know anyway as we haven’t made an event or said there will be.

Christmas Pub Meets from 11th December

Due to our RAWSoc Christmas Meal taking place on Wednesday the 11th of December, our usual weekly pub meet will not take place. Instead, we’ll be making merry and celebrating a geeky Christmas in style. What with Christmas messing up

RAWSoc at the Firestorm Bring & Buy

RAWSoc will have a stall at the Firestorm Bring & Buy to sell off various awesome bits and pieces. We’ll have plenty of tourney-standard terrain pieces going cheap, as well as wargames minis and rulebooks. But not it’s just for

Fresher’s Fayre: Students, sign up! 26th October

Students! It’s the new academic year very shortly, so you’ll be wanting to sign up to RAWSoc and get all the fantastic benefits, right? Well, you can! Thursday the 26th of September sees the Freshers Societies Fayre held in the