Over the years BRAWL has amassed a wide variety of gaming books, boardgames, magazines and other geeky items that it keeps in the BRAWL library. The library is open to BRAWL members to browse and borrow from and is overseen by the Librarian who keeps records of who is currently borrowing what.

If you’re a member and you’d like to borrow something from the library, just get in touch. We will need some basic contact details such as email, phone number and address, just in case. If you’re not yet a member, why not become one?

Additionally, members we know and trust may borrow games from the personal collections of some of our established members. See here for the list. We reserve the right to deny this for any reason.

Ultimate Werewolf: Inquisition

Ultimate Werewolf: Inquisition is a standalone game of deduction, secrets and betrayal with no elimination. Part of the fun is figuring out who the werewolves are on your team, but even then, you’ve still got to outsmart them! More specifically,


Includes the Inventions, Discoveries, Historical Events and Diversity sets. Each card depicts an invention on both sides, with the year in which that invention was created on only one side. Players take turns placing a card from their hand in

Totally Dingbats

Totally Dingbats is an advanced version of the original dingbats launched in 1987, where players have to guess the well known word or phrase from the arrangement of letter/word clues written on the card…. a form of alphabetical charades! –


InTrains, the players are capitalists, managing private railways companies and striving to become bigger and better than the competition. Our version, the 2013 AEG/Pegasus edition, is set in modern times, with bullet trains, freight trains and more. You will start

Travel Blog

Some people love to travel. Others love to read about traveling. Imagine an Internet magazine designed to bring these people together. Would you like to join ranks of their travelbloggers? Travel Blog is a swift and thrilling game about travelling.

Unexpected Treasures

InUnexpected Treasuresyou are on a mission to collect old furniture from a bulk waste collection site and turn a profit by selling those pieces to paying customers. It’s first come, first served. What’s more, you are able to take only


Players must form words on an 8×8 (or in the newer editions 10×10) grid. The words may be formed horizontally or vertically on the grid, as in Scrabble, but as the title suggests the letters may also be stacked, so that


For eons, Incubi (bad, negative dreams) and Sognae (happy, positive dreams) have dwelled in Equilibrion, opposed but complementary. As the king of this City, you must establish and maintain the delicate balance between those dreams: place them in the various


This board game masquerading as a card game is about a conflict between two factions, the Rose and the Eagle. In each turn, players attempt to change the allegiance of one land district, contributing power cards to swing the conflict


In Vineta, 2 to 6 players take on the roles of angry Norse Gods, seeking to sink the city of Vineta beneath a succession of pounding waves. However, each player is secretly assigned one of nine city districts to protect.