Here we list the roleplaying games run by or for members every week that are currently open to new players. These games mostly take place at the house of the GM or one of the players, usually in the Cathays/Roath area but sometimes further afield.

If you’d like to join one of the games below, just contact us and we can put you in touch with the person running that game. If the listing has any details needed from you (such as what day you prefer, if the GM is flexible), please provide them.

If you run or know of a game that is currently looking for or open to new players, we can help you find them! Just contact us and provide as many of the following details as you can: your name and contact email, the system/setting of the game, how many open slots you have, when and where the game is run or the options if you’re flexible, any player requirements and finally a brief blurb to draw in potential players.

We’ll also make a shout out to your call for players from our social media.

Sorry, there are no Games yet