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FLGS: Friendly Local Game Shops

Whether you’re new to Cardiff or have been living here for years, here are some great gaming and geekery shops we recommend. If you know of any geeky shops not included here, please let us know.

  • Rules of Play 29 Castle Arcade– Focusing on boardgames, this welcoming shop also stocks RPGS, CCGs and dice. The staff are happy to order items they don’t have in stock. They hold regular events for CCGs and board games alike.
  • Firestorm Games 8a Trade StreetAn independent wargaming shop offering various miniatures and rulebooks for both Games Workshop products and other games. They also have terrain and tables you can use to play there.
  • Games Workshop 31 High Street– The face of corporate wargaming for all your Warhammer and related goodness.
  • Super Tomato (formerly Otakuzoku) 17 Salisbury RoadLargely an anime shop, but also sells graphic novels and retro video games. The owner is a former member of BRAWL.
  • Troutmark 41-43 Castle ArcadeThis second-hand bookshop is a great place to find hidden treasures in general, but also has a great selection of old RPG, Fighting Fantasy and wargaming books worth keeping an eye on.
  • Antics Model Shop 11 High StA model shop that may have things of interest to wargamers and fans of modelling.

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