BRAWL's President is the head of the society and the Executive Comittee. They chair meetings, oversee matters and are the first and main point of contact in our dealings with the Students Union, as well as being the face of the society.


The role of the Secretary is to deal with BRAW's records and correspondence, including taking minutes at meetings, sending emails, keeping membership records and writing any official items.


The Treasurer's job is to handle the society's finances. This includes planning our budget, managing our funds, liaising with the finance office of the Students Union, handling and claiming money, collecting receipts, etc.

Events Officer

The Events Officer's job is to think up, schedule, organise, promote and run BRAWL's various events and trips throughout the year, including the large undertaking that is our annual Student Nationals trip.

Wargames Officer

BRAWL' Wargames Officer is our first point of call for wargaming knowledge and news. They run and referee the society's wargames events, as well as managing and promoting our wargaming aspect.

Librarian & Boardgames Officer

The role of the Librarian is to store, catalogue and oversee the lending of BRAWL's games library as well as to suggest new items to buy. The role of the Boardgame Officer is to manage and encourage the boardgaming aspect of the society.


The Webmonkey oversees BRAWL's online presence. This includes maintaining and updating our website, email and forums as well as acting as tech support.