Dragon’s Hoard

Our monthly boardgaming evening, Dragon’s Hoard, takes place on the first Tuesday of every month in the function room of one of The Crofts in Roath. We play games from 6pm until closing (at around 11pm) and people can drop in and out at any time. It’s a relaxed and friendly event and a great way to play some new games with some new people or play some old favourites with good friends. All are welcome!

We play various board and card games from short, light games (like Dixit, Bang! the Dice Game and Mascarade) to longer, heavier games (such as Lords of Waterdeep, Discworld: Ankh Morpork and Dominion). You can see the list of potential games we bring here.

As well as these monthly everything-goes games evenings, we occasionally hold a second Dragon’s Hoard on the third Tuesday of a month in our”Intro to” series. These additional evenings focus on a specific genre of game and are designed to introduce new players to the type of game as well as to highlight games that veteran gamers may not have tried before.

Past events have been focused on Lightning Little Games Co-operative Games, Hidden Role/TraitorGames and Deck-Building Games (this doesn’t mean we’ll never run these again!). Keep an eye out for future “Intro to” events!

We’re always happy to try and cater for what you especially want to play if we’re able to. Plus, attendees are always encouraged to bring a game or two along, if they can, as it makes for more variety. If you can’t bring a game, don’t worry! We have plenty.

You can see upcoming Dragon’s Hoard events below or on our Events page.