Cardiff Below

This live-action roleplay has ended. For current LARPs, please see City of Brass and Crucible.

Cardiff Below was a Seasonal LARP run for members of the society and members of the public; it was based on books by Neil Gaiman, inspired by the premise that Neverwhere is London Below and American Gods is America Below. Cardiff Below is Similar But Different, inspired by the real-life spirit and history of Cardiff.

It was a simple, non-contact system with lots of focus on roleplay and character interaction. Sessions took place in spring, summer, autumn and winterwith a downtime system covering the time in-between live roleplay. The event currently took place in various locations around the city, such as Jacob’s Antiques, 10 Feet Tall and the CF10 caf.

Though the refs are seasoned LARPers, it was the first that many of BRAWL’s members ever played and we were decidedly hooked.

About the Cardiff Below Setting

The Steel and Silicon Courts are at each other’s throats (the gods of Industrial and Modern Cardiff respectably). As one grows in power, the other weakens, and the Steel Court know if they don’t fight back, they’ll eventually be driven to nothingness beneath the wheels of progress, destroyed the way they destroyed the Cymru Court thousands of years ago.

Meanwhile, there’s dissent in the Animal Court – an artificial creation, formed as part of the treaty between the Human and Animal gods of Cardiff. The Rats grow tired of living in fear of the Foxes and the young resent the constraints of the Treaty, one that restricts the Animal Courts far more than the Human.

The quietest court are the Scholars – few people have interest in their territory, and they have little interest in others, but their position of neutrality between the Steel and Silicon Courts (their Fathers and Sons, respectively) is beginning to fray.

Around this, lurk the Courtless – Gods unable to find a home with one of the major Courts (or finding more in common with the minor Factions: the vampiric Ghouls or watchful Gargoyles). Through their ranks move the Aces, secret police and detectives, hunting the last few remnants of the Cymru Court – the ancient almost-forgotten gods of Ancient Cardiff, of Dragons and Giants and Monsters, rumoured to still exist, patiently marshalling their troops and waiting for their chance to retake control.

For more setting information, feel free to visit the Cardiff Below wiki.