Beer & Bad Movies

At Beer & Bad Movies, the idea is simple. We watch a laughably bad film and, well, laugh at it, often whilst getting in some takeaway and drinking a drink or two. The event usually takes place on the 3rd Friday of the month, but can vary.

What film we watch is decided by a user poll on our forums and we highly favour films that are so bad it’s funny, not just rubbish films. People who attended the last BBM can nominate a terrible film to the vote. Anyone attending the BBM in question can vote for what film we should watch at it. Easy.

Sometimes we have themed events, such as BBM 6, which (unfortunately) focused on Uwe Boll films, and BBM 8 which was all about bad fighting game films.

Since this event takes place at a private house and can seat less people, it’s members-only. But once you join the society and we get to know you, you’re welcome to come along! Just keep an eye out on our forums to sign up or see our Events page for more events.

Previous Beer & Bad Movies

  • Beer & Bad Movies: Origins -Shark in Venice
  • BBM 2: Shock and Awe -Birdemic
  • BBM³ – Dungeons & Dragons 3
  • BBM 4: Live Free or Drink Hard – Attack of the Super Monsters
  • BBM 5: A Good Day to Drink Hard -MegaFault
  • BBM 6: Jeder lieben Steuererleichterungen! -In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
  • BBM 7: RAWSoc’s Cool Event for Attractive People – Crank
  • BBM 8: RAW(Soc) vs. Smackdown: Here comes the pun! – Tekken
  • BBM 9: Revenge of the Shit – Birdemic and Trapped in the Closet
  • BBM 10: Drink Fast, Watch Furious – Death Race 2000 and Drive Angry
  • BBM 11: Let the Shite One In – The Lock In and Arachnoquake
  • BBM12: The Book of Vile Dorkness – Dark Dungeons/Mazes and Monsters
  • BBM13: The Unexpected Fellowship at the Battle Towers (etc) – Old Hobbit and Lord of the Rings
  • BBM14: The Road to Wrestle-Failure – Some sort of Sidewalk Slam
  • BBM 15: Something something Canada