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The Moderator’s Tale

A blood-curdling howl ripped through the night air as the full moon rose over Miller’s Hollow and I, usually considered a calm and moderate person, panicked. A howl could mean only one thing: the wolves were back. They were a

‘Ow to Learn Da ‘Umie Alphaba… Alphub… Letters

A is for aargh, da people we’s punch B is for burnas, we love dem a bunch C is for choppa, da weapon of fun D is for dakka, a really big gun E is for Evil Sunz, shouty and

Jammy Dodgers

Roleplaying games are such a diverse group of systems and settings that even in the arena of combat, they differ greatly. Some systems are combat-lite or have no actual combat at all (Fiasco, for instance). For those that do have

The Six Most Annoying Starting Player Rules

As an older sister, I’ve taken a close interest in how boardgames determine which player gets to go first ever since about the twentieth of our childhood games that referred to the “youngest player”. I suppose it’s an attempt to

Armour – Sitting on Defence

Most role playing games, whether set in fantasy Medieval land, gritty far-flung-future-ville or modern day… istan have some concept of armour: stuff you wear to stop the other guys smacking you up with their pointy sticks. Despite that common thread,