All Day Events

We organise regular Saturday “All Day” events which focus on each of the main types of gaming covered by BRAWL (boardgaming, roleplaying and wargaming), as well as days of general, anything-goes gaming fun. We often include home-made refreshments and a gaming Bring & Buy!

Come and go as you please or make a gaming marathon of it and stay for the whole event, we’re perfectly happy for attendees to drop in and drop out throughout the day.

Most All Days run from 10am to 10pm in the Cardiff University Students Union (our summer events run differently, please see individual events for details). Anyone is welcome; you don’t have to be a student or member.

We usually charge a small amount for non-members (2, 1 concessions) while members go free. If you’re planning on coming to a few of these events, it’s often worth becoming a member on the day!

Please see the bottom of this page or the Events page for the dates of upcoming All Day events or read the sections below for more details on the event types.

All Day Boardgaming

Want a day chock-full of board and card games? All Day Boardgaming is much like our shorter, evening-based Dragon’s Hoard events, but bigger! Attendees are encouraged to bring some games along if they can, but in any case we’ll have a large and varied selection of things you can play (from casual and family games to high strategy) and plenty of people willing to teach you the rules.

We’re always happy to try and cater for what you especially want to play if we’re able to. You can see the list of potential games we bring here.

All Day Roleplaying

Want to play some convention-length roleplaying scenarios? All Day Roleplaying is much like our weekly CROW event, but with three shorter, punchier roleplaying timeslots (see individual events for details) for one-off games, making for lots of variety in one day!

Games we’ve run at ADRs include Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Dark Heresy, Only War, Fiasco, Paranoia, Shadowrun and Victoriana, but we’re always getting new GMs wanting to run new and exciting things. In fact, if you’d like to run something for us at an ADR, just let us know.

Because the games are short, varied and friendly, ADRs are a great event to attend if you’ve never played or GMed a roleplaying game before, but would like to!

All Day Wargaming

Want to gather your miniature armies and do battle? All Day Wargaming is much like our Weekly Wargaming events, but with more combatants, more time for games and cheaper too! We also occasionally run games of 40K Apocalypse, if you like your carnage on the massive side.

Wargames the society mostly plays are Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Battlefleet Gothic, Infinity and Mechwarrior Clix. If you play anything more exotic and want to see if you’ll have an opponent, please ask on our forums.

All Day Gaming

Want a bit of everything? Don’t worry, we sometimes can’t decide either. We sometimes combine the above events into a free-for-all event for scheduling or other reasons. All Day Gaming combines the best of roleplaying, boardgaming and wargaming in one day.

You can see our various upcoming All Day events below or on our Events page