Welcome to Cardiff BRAWL!

Cardiff BRAWL (Boardgaming, Roleplaying and Wargaming League) is a social and gaming society for both members of the public and Cardiff University students and alumni. Everyone, whether seasoned veteran or newbie, is welcome!

Established in 1998 and formerly known as RAWSoc (Roleplaying and Wargaming Society), our society caters for people interested in tabletop games, primarily boardgaming, roleplaying and wargaming. We also cover live action roleplay (LARP), collectible card games (CCGs) and other forms of geekery.

We hold various regular and one-off gaming and social events throughout the year, organise trips to gaming conventions, help arrange regular roleplaying games run by members and have an extensive gaming library which members can access. We also take part in the annual Student National Roleplaying, Wargaming and Boardgaming Championship (the Student Nationals), an event we won in 2011 and hosted here in Cardiff in 2012, to great success.

As well as this website, we’re online in several places so you can get involved:


I'm interested in joining. How can I find out more or become a member?

That's great news! For more information on joining the society or finding out more details, head to Becoming a Member.

Help! What do all these words mean?

New to these sorts of games but interested in learning more? No problem! You'll want to look at our Newbie's Guide.

How can I find a regular roleplaying group?

If you're looking to find a regular roleplaying group held at members' houses, we've got a list of all games being run by friends of the society over on our Games page. If none of those suit you, we also have our weekly CROW roleplaying afternoon.

What if I only like some types of game? Or I enjoy something you haven't mentioned?

You don't have to like everything to enjoy BRAWL! Several of our members are just boardgamers or just wargamers or only like sci-fi, for example. If you're wondering if we cater for [insert game here], chances are we do! We have a lot of members with varying interests so you're likely to find like-minded people. And, if not, we're always happy to try new things!

I want to ask something else!

If you've got any further questions or we can be of any help, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


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